The Making of Four Astronauts and One Sneaky Alien


If you have ever wondered what it would take to make an astronaut peeking out of his spaceship into space, look no further.  Above is a visual of what it takes, but this Mama Frog will walk you through it step by step.  If you have a tricky Frog, like I do, then you will also undoubtedly find that a camo alien has sneaked aboard your spaceship and is also peeking out.  The pictures we used and the idea came from  If you have never been to that site for kid’s crafts, I highly suggest you check it out.  It is a treasure trove of ideas and free printables.

You will need:

Template or astronaut clip-art

Paper Plate with “portal” cut out

3″ segment of straw

Handful of Cheerios (nice to have crafts to use these for, since they aren’t exactly fit for human consumption 🙂  )

Paste or Glue

Silver, gray or similar paint


Crayons for template


See that sneaky alien….

Now, here at the Pond, we have the worst luck.  I will plan a project for the Frogs and get them all excited, then realize that we are missing some crucial supply needed.  Hopping in the car and running to the store is not always an option.  Sometimes Papa Frog has the car, sometimes we are low on funds, and sometimes it is just too much work to pile 5 Frogs into the car to go across town for a $.75 bottle of glue.  Oh, did I say glue?  Busted.  This craft needed glue and of course, we were out.  So, this Mama Frog hopped on the internet and found a recipe for paste.   My preferred recipe uses corn syrup and is a stand in for white glue- the problem with it is that it has to rest overnight.  So I used a paste recipe.  It is simply sugar, flour and water.  Ray Bear was certain it would not work, and we placed a friendly wager on the efficacy of the homemade paste.

DSC02541 DSC02542

Using paste or glue, glue Cheerios around the rim of your portal.  Use two Cheerios (one on either end of the straw) to make a handle.   While the Cheerios are drying color your astronauts and sneaky aliens.


And here is where we hit a snag.  It took the pasted on Cheerios about 18 hours to dry because they soaked up the homemade paste like a sponge.  However, when they dried they were stuck on there something good.

DSC02544 DSC02545 DSC02546

DSC02557 After the Cheerios are dried on, carefully paint your portal, then using glue, attach the astronaut/alien to the back, so he can peek out of the portal into the amazing world of outer space.

DSC02558 DSC02559 DSC02560 DSC02561 DSC02562

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