Some Random Space Fun


Ray Bear and Lizard Breath were given the above printable found for free online, entitled Explore Our Solar System.  It was filled with fun clues to use to fill in a solar system map.  I was impressed with the range of the questions and the necessity of using the clues to fill in the blanks.  They were both able to successfully fill in the solar system maps.


DSC02522 DSC02523

Next, we used a set of flash cards I printed off the internet, again for free, which listed the planets in order.  The Frogs have been learning the planets in order, and also used it to make the solar system on the stairway wall.

DSC02524 DSC02525


More free printables.  Laminated and cut out, then assembled on the wall as a solar system map.

DSC02526 DSC02527


DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02531 DSC02532 DSC02533  DSC02535 DSC02536 DSC02538

4 thoughts on “Some Random Space Fun

  1. Like what you did with the solar system study… preparing to do lessons with my dd but could not find a similar solar system map. Where did you find it? Thanks.

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