Aliens Land On The Moon!



Due to some printer issues yesterday, we did not start our Night Sky unit as planned.  Today, the Frogs had a friend over, so we decided to start with something fun- and lo and behold- The Aliens Have Landed On the Moon!  I found an alien template on the internet and through a Word program made it the size I needed.  Then with the help of Papa Frog who got rained out at work we cut out enough aliens and ships for each Frog to have one.  Using a bowl and some black paper I made some moon shapes.  Then the fun began!


DSC02474The Frogs were each given a small square of terry cloth and a moon template, and with a lid of white and black paint, the moon painting began.  They played with the contrasts between dark and light spaces, creating craters on their moons.  Everyone, from The Boy to Lizard Breath made their own moons, varying technique and depth from Frog to Frog.  The finished product was quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

DSC02475 DSC02478

Next, came the decorations of the aliens.  Some Frogs made scary aliens, some made alien families and others turned the space ship templates into alien dogs.

DSC02479 DSC02480 DSC02481

Finally….SUCCESS!  The Frogs glued their pictures together and used star-shaped sponges to create a galaxy.  Then each Frog shared the story of their own alien moon landing.  Great fun!

DSC02482 DSC02483 DSC02484 DSC02485 DSC02487 DSC02488

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