Frogs Love The Water



Today was another scorcher here at The Pond.  Rather than sit here and bake all day, The Frogs (Minus Jelly Bean- who was at soccer camp) went with some family friends to Roques Bluffs State Park, where we spent the day playing in the water.  The Frogs found lily pads, dissected lily pad flowers, found water bug eggs, caught fish and had an all around Splashin’ Time!  It is always good to have a reminder that for kids and for Frogs learning does not have to take place in a structured lesson sort of environment.  Instead it takes place every minute and everywhere.  Learning is a way of life for them and it should be for us as well.  We should always be willing to stop and look at those nifty little eggs on a lily pad leaf or ask the question of what the inside of a lily pad flower looks like.  We should always examine little minnows in buckets and kindly turn them back into their big pond.  Too often, when we become adults we lose that sense of wonder about the world around us.  Even if we are still trying to learn, we do so in a much more formalized manner.  I am so blessed to have Papa Frog.  He has taught me more during the last 11 years about stopping to notice things, and take in the wonder of the world around me than anything else.  And it has helped foster that appreciation in me and in the Frogs as well.  May we never get too old or too jaded to wonder.

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