Sun Weaving

DSC02373Beautiful Sun Weaving Now on the Wall


So when I decided to do a Sun Theme for our first unit of the summer, I scoured the internet looking for sun-themed activities.  One of my favorites was a Sun Weaving.  Now, this seemed to this Mama Frog to be the type of project that would require at least a little assistance from Papa Frog.  So we waited until a weekend day when he wasn’t too busy and talked him into helping.  He cut 4 dead branches from the bushes out back of the Pond and skinned the twigs off of them.  Then he took some cotton twine and laced the 4 sticks together in a vaguely sun-shape.  Now, the original plan had been to have this be the extent of Papa Frog’s help, but what we found was that doing the actual weaving took two people, plus one to actually cut the strips of cloth for the weaving.  In other words, it was too many working for Mama Frog and the Frogs.  So, Papa Frog had Lizard Breath hold the framework while he did the weaving, and Mama Frog cut and knotted the fabric strips.  The Frogs may do a smaller version of these individually, but they may not.  We are already on week 2 of the Sun, and the plan had originally been to only spend 1 week working on Solar fun.  Besides, this Mama Frog kind of likes having one big sun shining down from the wall.



You will need:

4 sticks, roughly the same length (ours were about 6′) and with a diameter of 3/4-1″

Cotton Twine

Strips of fabric in oranges, reds and yellows, 2″ wide

A couple of reliable helpers


Have an adult tie the 4 sticks into a sun shaped framework.  Knot your fabric strips together.  Using an over-under weaving weave fabric onto framework until your sun is the desired size.  Feel free to trim the “rays” when you are done, although we left our uneven purposefully.

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