Weekend At The Pond


It has been a pretty laid  back weekend here at the Pond so far.  Papa Frog is off for the weekend, so we have been playing with the Frogs.  Mama Frog has been gathering resources for fall, since it will be too hectic to try to gather them when the Tadpole makes his entrance.  It will be nice when the part for my printer/scanner comes in so I can start actually printing off material and organizing it for the Frogs.  We also have two very special Frog Birthdays coming up next year, and in true Frog tradition Papa Frog and I always try to make the girls pressies- at least one or two to go along with their store-bought goodies.  Lizard Breath is going to be 10!  I cannot believe where the time goes and Scoot will be 4.  So Scoot is getting a My Little Pony or two (depending on how long they take to make) and I have no idea what I am making for Lizard Breath.  Anyway the point of this rambling post is this- about the time I wonder how much the Frogs actually enjoy their homemade goodies, something comes along like the set of Ninja Turtles I made.


DSC02369Poor Filthy Minja Turtles


At the Pond we call them Minja Turtles though, so if you ever hear a reference its those Lean Mean Green Ninja Teens the Frogs are talking about.  🙂  The Boy has commandeered everyone’s Minja Turtles and plays with them more than almost anything else (cars not included).  I spent a good hour this afternoon playing Turtles with my littlest Frog.  It is a nice reminder that the Frogs truly don’t attach a price tag to things, and a reminder that we shouldn’t either.  The Frog picture at the top is more of a place holder until I can get the picture of the Boys filthy Minja Turtles uploaded.  🙂

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