Sun Salt Dough

Salt dough- ah that joyous medium of childhood.  So versatile and so inexpensive to work with.  A tad tempermental too, heaven forbid the oven is too high- you get brown spots and cracks, or you make a large creation that molds before it air dries.  Yes, we have become something of salt dough experts in the past 9+ years.  Poor Jelly Bean ate salt dough one Christmas (we use it to make new and disposable Christmas Tree Ornaments) and ended up barfing on the cookie sheet of cinnamon scented stars when she was just a wee-lass.  Apparently some lessons, like don’t eat the salt dough have to be learned the hard way.  For our fun in the sun, we decided to spend the extremely warm afternoon indoors, making suns.  Ray Bear couldn’t resist making a caterpillar as well.

DSC02368Salt Dough Creations Awaiting a Clear Coat

Once the creations have baked in the oven for a few hours on 200 degrees, it is time to paint them.  Lizard Breath learned quickly that a pipe cleaner dipped in paint gave her the control and versatility she needed for true to life painting.  Yep, my Frogs are nothing if not creative.  They have no qualms about repurposing anything they can to be used in more artistic manners.

DSC02364Lizard Breath Painting with a Pipe Cleaner

Salt Dough Recipe:

1 c. Salt

1 c. Warm Water

2 c. Flour

Mix until smooth and not sticky.  Color or glitter can be added at this stage, or can be applied later when dried.  I will also note that for some reason it took closer to 4 c. of flour this batch to get a nice smooth dough that didn’t cling to the Frog paws.  After your creations have been molded, put on a cookie tray to either air dry (several days) or into a 200 degree oven for 2-6 hours, depending on thickness of clay sculpture.  Below you can see our salt sun creations ready to go in the oven.

DSC02336Salt Dough Creations Waiting to be Baked

DSC02335Salt Dough Caterpillar

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