Some Blessings and RAKs on the Pond

Had to take Scoot to the hospital today for her final pre-op appointment to have her adenoids removed.  We are hoping it will help this little Frog with her speech delays, along with the lip-tie clip they are going to perform.  However, our trip to the hospital was made most unpleasant by The Boy.  He got up on the wrong side of the lily pad for sure, and I thought that trip would NEVER end.  To add to the morning, I had to swing by the local grocery for some fruit and veg and a loaf of bread for lunch.  Normally I make bread, but the past week has been super crazy here!  So, by the time we got in the Frogmobile to head home, this Mama Frog thought her head was going to explode.  Then the most amazing thing happened:  There were a couple of packages on the porch I was expecting and one that was a very pleasant surprise.  Can I just say, if you are ever lucky enough to live in a pond neighborhood like we live in, count your lucky stars!  Our super amazing neighbors left a RAK for my little Frogs.  A box of popcicles, two packages of bubbles and kind wishes for summer fun put the breaks on the stress of a rough morning and put a smile on everyone’s face.  Now to get the littlest Frogs to take a nap so they can go out and play in the sun.


On top of the RAK above, Jelly Bean’s soccer cleats and shin guards came in the mail today, all the way from the Centennial State and a Mama this Mama Frog has been friends with since Junior High.  It has been the week of kindness and blessings over this Frog Family this week let me tell you.  Jelly Bean has had her soccer camp unexpectedly paid for completely (which made is possible for her to even go!), and when I was telling this Centennial State Frog Friend about it, she offered up a pair of soccer cleats and shin guards that her own Froglets were no longer using.  Jelly Bean has been trying the cleats on and fondling them since she opened the box!



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