Sun Poetry

Jelly Bean's Sun DSC02324 DSC02325 DSC02326

Yesterday the Frogs and I worked on making some Sun Poetry.  Since this is the week of the summer solstice, we are making sun-themed progress this week.  The template is one I hand drew using a coffee cup and a trading card.  Yep I am crafty like that.  We then drew a sample sun poem on the blackboard and brainstormed “sun” words.  These words included things like sunbeam, sunrise, sunburn, sunbathe, and sundial.  We discussed compound words in this context.  The Frogs then wrote one “sun” word on the bottom of each line and came up with a short descriptive phrase for the top of the line that related to the word below.  For example, if the bottom word was “sunburn” the top line might read “Painful red skin”.  As you can see the Frogs were in a rainbow sort of mood, aside from Jelly Bean, who went a more traditional route.  These poems were a lot of fun to write and it helped the Frogs to have a theme and format to work with.  The idea is a keeper for sure.

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