Leaf Creations Arise!

DSC02315Lizard Breath’s Frog DSC02316 Ray Bear’s Half Cat FaceDSC02317 Ray Bear’s Bat DSC02319 Lizard Breath’s Bird DSC02321 Ray Bear’s BirdDSC02322Jelly Bean’s Leaf Person

Today the Frogs went leaf gathering in the forest aka the unmowed back yard.  They found quite the array of foliage, mostly thanks to Lizard Breath who fancies herself a jungle explorer and bug wrangler.  They then brought the leaves to the workstation aka the dining room table and began creating a host of leaf creatures, like junior Frankenstein’s in a lab.  The creativity of the Frogs never ceases to amaze me.  From leaves and flowers and sticks they made some truly amazing creations.  Lizard Breath’s frog even has movable legs.  The challenge for the older frogs was to make animals and to add a sun to at least one of their pictures.  I think they did remarkably well.  This was inspired by a short Pinterest post that popped up in my feed today.  It was not on the agenda I had planned out, but I am quite happy with the way it turned out.  Hopefully tomorrow we will entertain sunnier pursuits, but why do a unit on the sun and then spend all your time cooped up inside.

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