Gelatin Sun Catchers Galore!

DSC02327Orange Gelatin DSC02328Yellow Gelatin DSC02329 Clear GelatinDSC02330Mixed Red/Yellow Gelatin  DSC02334 Gelatin Pieces

DSC02332 Lizard Breath’s Sun Beginning

DSC02331 Car Window Cling Lizard Breath made for The Boy

DSC02343 Ray Bear’s Sun Catcher Bits

DSC02342Recycled Lid for Sun Catcher

DSC02341 Scoot’s Finished Sun Catcher

DSC02340 Scoot’s Finished Sun Catcher

DSC02339 Lizard Breath’s Window Cling

DSC02338Finished Sun Window Cling

Another sunny day here at the old Home Pond.  The Frogs and I decided to take advantage of the nice day and make some sun catchers.  I used the recipe originally found on Family Fun and reposted all over Pinterest.  You take a box of Knox Unflavored Gelatin, hot water and food coloring.  With some air drying you have a nice rubbery material perfect for window clings and sun catchers.  Directions are at the bottom of the post if you care to try this on your own.  I strongly recommend it :).  We used DMC floss for the strings on the sun catchers, and some recycled plastic lids from some locally produced Gelato for the bases.  The directions I used said that it would take roughly 1-3 days for the gelatin to dry, but we must have some good air here on the Pond.  The gelatin was dry and ready to use in about 15 minutes when poured onto ceramic plates and set in a breezy window.   There really is no right or wrong way to play with the gelatin, which I have to admit is my favorite guideline for activities.  Even The Boy got in on the fun, feeling the gelatin and cutting it apart with scissors.  We used some frosting tips I had laying around as round cutters and free cut shapes with scissors.  The small holes for the strings were punched using one of those .97 cent hole punches.


1 box Knox unflavored gelatin (each box contains enough packets for 4 colors)

1 c. boiling water (you will not use all of this)

food coloring/glitter (optional)

string and lid (if making sun catchers)

hole punch (if making sun catchers)

You will also need 4 shallow containers to pour the gelatin in after it is mixed- I used dinner plates, and a set of measuring spoons.

Boil water and pour gelatin into a mixing cup or shallow bowl.  Add 3-6T. boiling water to the gelatin.  Stir until completely dissolved.  Add food coloring and/or glitter.  Pour colored (or uncolored) gelatin onto plates or other shallow dish.  Repeat with remaining packets of gelatin and water.  Place in a warm spot or in direct path of a breezy window until dry.  Please be aware that this can take as little as several minutes or as long as a couple of days.  Gelatin should easily come loose from the container and should have no wet spots when it is ready.  Gelatin is now ready for play!  Cut or punch into shapes and either apply directly to window or add holes and use string to tie to a base.  Hang in a sunny spot.

This is definitely a craft the Frogs and I will utilize again, and I loved that it was great for all ages.  The Frogs range from 2-almost 10 and they were all equally enthralled.  The nice thing about the gelatin is that is can be as simple or as complex as your own Froglets desire and can be tailored to their skill set.  This would also make a great sensory-play activity.

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