Introduction and About the Frogs

Welcome to our homeschooling journey.  🙂 I am Mama Frog, proud mama of 5 (soon to be 6) little speckled frogs.  Lizard Breath is almost 10, Ray Bear is 7, Jelly Bean is almost 6, Scoot is almost 4 and The Boy is 2 1/2.  Baby Tadpole will be joining the crew in September.  Papa Frog is not always around since he works hard to take care of us, but when he is around WHOO-EEEE it’s fun times here.  Although we have homeschooled in the past, until a week ago the three big frogs were in public school.  Due to some conflict with the school, we have decided the frogs would be better off doing their learning in the home pond for a while.  I will be documenting our journey, sharing the fun things we find and hopefully making a few new friends along the way.  Our summer will be full and rich with learning and art and fun.  Thanks for stopping by the old Home Pond.  Hope you can stay awhile.

One thought on “Introduction and About the Frogs

  1. Really enjoyed reading through your blog – lots of fun… great ideas for me and our dd (7) to do. Thanks and best wishes. 🙂

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